Tuesday, July 29, 2008

The Magic Negro
Ben Afflick Cheats At Casting

There are spoilers for the film Gone Baby Gone here so if you haven't seen the movie then I suggest you either:

Skip This

or read this anyway because the film is a very plodding psychological thriller with an off the wall cartoonish ending that will surely incite you as much as it did me...and you won't watch it so just read this anyway.

Here is the plot: Casey Affleck along with his girlfriend (liv tyler lookalike) are investigators. They are hired to find a missing girl. They don't find her. Years later they try and find a missing boy. Their search leads them to a Texas Massacre style house where Casey Affleck finds a dead toddler. In a (dramatic) rage, he kills one of the rapists.

Flashforward, Casey finds out one of the cops that helped him on the original little girl case lied to him. He investigates and finds a tangled web of deceit...


Now I don't want to sound like a douche, but I can't help it. The Dark Knight had some great amorality and patches of grey in it, so going back and analyzing Gone Baby Gone is like trying to find the Pathos in a Berenstein Bears book after reading Dostoyevski.

My one point in this damned post is the CHEATING of this ending that represents--to me--unbridled racism.

You see...Casey Affleck finds the missing girl from the first act in the finale of the movie, only she is now living with Morgan Freeman's good cop character. This is severe cheating because Morgan Freeman here plays the ulitmateMagic Negro. He is worldly, mystical, and all knowing, despite being a dirty damned child kidnapper.

In a disgusting turn of events, Morgan Freeman smirks at Casey Affleck and tells him that the little girl is better off with him, and he says this with all the charm of Michael Landon in Little House On The Prairie (before death).

Fuck YOU, you cheating movie. Of COURSE you trust Freeman with the girl! And I think the film is cheating by casting him in that role. Freeman would never touch the girl, Freeman is wise, Freeman can raise anyone better than your mom could, so give him the benefit of the doubt...

In a great twist, Casey Affleck calls the cops on Morgan Freeman's thieving ass, but we are supposed to feel bad because the girl is ripped away from his nauseatingly pleasant (if not thieving) hands.

The point of this post is the following. If you are going to make a morally challenging child-rape cop drama, DO NOT cast Morgan Freeman as the would be magical negro who is trying to save the little girl in question.

It is cheating, it is rotten, and I won't stand for it.

Now...if they had cast Danny Glover..that might have been fairer. I would trust my left nut to Danny Glover, but not my right.


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