Monday, July 14, 2008

My Kampf
The New Yorker Loses Its Bearings

I had a pretty fruitful weekend in this our New City of York. I had a chance to see most of my friends in the area in a variety of events and locales. I met new people and befriended them, and in true Social Anxiety disorder, I have had my fill of people and I want to bury my head in the ground for a week.

It is an unbearable pleasure and curse to be me, one that I am glad you do not have to suffer through. Not unlike Hellboy, Hunter S. Thompson, Superman, or Hitler for that matter (he was great with kids, but had the whole Jew thing going against him), I too suffer under the duress of seemingly boundless charisma that is--in fact--draining to my person.

Which is why I was glad for Monday! And what better way to deal with a monday than gorge myself on news. Of course, nothing of note happened today...

Oh let me rephrase that, besides fucking Sarah Silverman and Jimmy Kimmel splitting up...seriously I did not see that coming (sarcasm filter: OFF), but I can only guess that one day Sarah Silverman realized that having sexual intercourse with Jimmy Kimmel must have felt like having your own brother enter you...

Digression, digression. Anyway, I saw the latest New Yorker cover:

Ok here's what I'm thinking; the New Yorker people meant well, and they mean it when they say that they intended the cover to be satirical, but DAMN people, do they not realize that the New York Post runs worse cartoons than that every damn day? Its like if Jonathan Swift wrote A Modest Proposal addressing sort of loses its edge.

Thankfully, it doesn't seem like New Yorker editors bother slumming it in tabloid right-wing 'zines masquerading as newspapers, but its also unfortunate because now they look like toolboxes.

The other thing I learned from this endeavor is that quite a few people are willing to accept any drawing as satire as long as it has "The New Yorker" font splashed across the top.

You could blow up the cover of Mein Kamp and--as long as "The New Yorker" is displayed on top--some commentators would go, "oh dummies, can't you see that's satire?"


Too Hotty said...

I'm pretty culturally retarded, but even I cringed at the boat-missing of that cover.

But more importantly, poor Jimmy Kimmel. I wonder what happened. Will he ever get to have sex again?

Kevin said...

Oh I bet Jimmy will have sex again. Expensive sex, the finest money can buy!