Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Support The Deranged
Generation Kill

I've encountered a lot of military talk recently. On Sunday I watched the premiere of Generation Kill, a miniseries about marines in Iraq written and directed by the people who brought you The Wire; my favorite show this last year.

This morning I listened to the Stern show where local comedian Artie Lange talked about his trip to entertain the troops in Afghanistan.

Now, I'm as patriotic as the next American, which means I'm not patriotic at all, and that's because I lack the intrinsic HATE that just so happens to go along with flag-wavers.

You know how it goes, "God bless America! God Bless America! but fuck the niggers and spics Support Our Boys! I Love Democracy I hate fags."

I don't know that I'm any more enlightened than our proudest hicks, but I'm definitely not white, which makes it harder to just be so hateful and condescending outright (not that I don't give it my best shot).

In both the Stern talk about marines and in commentators who watched Generation Kill, there's a notion that I find a little questionable; and that's the notion that you can't say anything about any of the troops.

Seriously! None of the troops can be criticized, and I have suspect its because we're scared those fuckers are going to turn right back around and shoot at us.

I can understand that. I'll support the troops because I'm scared of them man, I hope they rampage on people who hate them because I love the troops, the police, and THE MAFIA, I adore them.

Am I thankful to have been smuggled into America? Yes, but only because the alternative is something like....oh let's say Turkey.

You might know this actor from the film Ken Park, Google that, I dare you

Oh and watch Generation Kill either on HBO or just stream it.

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