Monday, July 28, 2008

Watching Revenge of the Nerds
In Memory of Anthony Edwards Youth

I'm just now re-watching the movie Revenge of the Nerds...

As a brief aside, this is the movie that cemented in my mind that I was--at a very young age--a hopeless nerd. This was a devastating revelation because this was the time where nerds were NOT at all sexy or desirable.

Times have changed a bit.

At any rate, several things caught my eye while watching.

1) Anthony Edwards is hot. You probably know him as the bald dude from ER, but in this movie he's really young and plays what I consider to be a very attractive boy. The strange thing though is that I'm not sure if at the time people would agree with me. I remember wearing glasses was completely unattractive, and I'm not sure if we're meant to be a little off-put by him. Tastes have changed so rapidly that glasses are now considered fetish wear in some circles, and smart looking kids with shaggy hair are now adorable.

So did tastes change around this movie, or did this movie start the trend to the geek chic nonsense?

I can tell that the guys had to uglify themselves because otherwise they'd look great!

2) One of the characters totally date rapes a girl. I'm serious! She thinks she's hooking up with her jock boyfriend, her only sin is in being too stupid to demand that the person who is going down on her in the fun house remove his darth vader mask.

When the deed is done, its nerd number 1, who isn't so bad himself. She enjoyed the proverbial taco eating so much that she not only completely forgives him, but is enamored by him.

"Are all nerds this good?"


"Why is that?"

"Jocks think of sports, nerds spend all day thinking about sex."


3) The party scene is awesome

4) This is one of the few movies where you have stereotypes played for laughs that you are asked to root for (the lispy obviously gay black guy, the FOB chinese guy).


At any rate, this movie sort of traumatized me when I was little, because I was afraid it held a mirror up to my face and called me a loser. Rewatching now though its just a pretty funny piece of fluff. And it all reaffirms my kink for nerds.

[Note for the squeamish: There is implied sheep rape]

-Some reasons to watch the film

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