Monday, August 04, 2008

Kevin Loses It On A Sunday Night

I had a dream that my family tricked me into seeing an animated movie.

Thinking that the lead character looked interesting enough, I agreed to go see this movie. Once we were seated I was surprised to see the screen pulled away to reveal a stage with live actors.

The actors were mainly dancers. There was an elaborate light show behind them as they cartwheeled around the stage, jumping on each other's shoulders, and rolling on the floor.

Three women took off their tops revealing the breasts to the audience, to the delight and marvel of all the families who were there to see the animated film.

The women then--with the help of the male dancers--were flipped backwards. Their breasts all simultaneously hit stage at the same time, causing a synchronized "splack" sound.

The women then took off their dresses, and the men flipped them around so that their vaginas landed on paper. The audience was silent as the paper's underneath their vaginas was slipped away by the men, causing a synchronized "schlurk" sound.

Hor'dourves were served to the audience and a tray was passed around asking for donations.

I'm now writing a formal treatment to this. God help us all.


WDL said...

Isn't this the central premise to the aristocrats?

Kevin said...

Oh damnit!