Thursday, August 14, 2008

Olympic Athletes
Spot The Pedophiles

I was watching the Olympics on NBC with Fly G (My racist friend) when we started wondering aloud how many times the Olympic athletes would use the asian girl prostitutes around Beijing.

I doubt they all have keep their virginal pacts. I'm pretty sure even Michael Phelps has to let off some steam.

Our conversation soon devolved into wondering how many of them would go for boy-girl asian prostitutes.

I then figured then that China was a popular spot for pedophiles, and I wondered aloud to my dear friend Fly G:

"How many of those athletes do you think are pedophiles?"

And think about it for a moment. You think pedophiles are mainly old fat men with huge stomachs, but you have to figure that they all started out being younger. I saw a "To Catch A Predator" episode where they caught a decent looking pedo and you almost wanted them to let him go because a pedophile's biggest sin is that he's ugly.

"Do you think they're all fucking little kids afterwards?" Fly G asked with a gleam in his eye.

Not just little kids, I think, but little asian kids. The coaches can't be the only kid-fuckers in that group.

Go America!


David said...

If Phelps is hitting the underage prostitutes it would only be now, as he had no time during competition. I mean, the guy barely had time to take a dump, let along find a hooker and get off. He didn't even know what the outside of the swimming arena looked like until today, according to this morning's interview.

Kevin said...

You are such a whore for Phelps that its painful.