Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Paris Hilton's Debate Tape
McCain's Like The Guy Who Everyone Hears When The Music Stops Suddenly At A Party

I just saw this 60 minute long Lou Dobbs (or someone) round table special discussing McCain's ads against Obama calling him a celebretard.

Subject: judging their appropriateness.

That was followed by a discussion on Paris Hilton's funny reply video.

Quite literally NOTHING happened today. I know, because I became extremely involved in this discussion

The critical consensus is that McCain shouldn't have wasted America's time calling Obama a celebrity, and the second consensus was that Paris Hilton's energy plan was better than both candidates (ya'll).

The second consensus struck me as a little odd for two reasons; it was said with a chuckle a majority of tv commentators, and no one I saw mentioned that her plan is basically Obama's plan.

How could you miss that? I thought part of the punchline of the video was that she was repeating Obama's plan, making it sound sensible.

Then again I could have missed the joke entirely. It might be the same reason why I think Gilbert Gottfried is the funniest man on the planet, because he's so funny being totally unfunny and incoherent.

FYI: Here is my Summer Break-up Mix. Enjoy!


im'mature said...

Let's all pause for a moment and contemplate a world where Paris Hilton is Madame President.


Kevin said...

That's a whole lot of failure right there.