Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Yes My Uncle Is Cheech Marin
Like Being Proud of a Mugshot

My uncle sent me an adorable picture of my godson (his son as well....what? I'm hispanic! My grandmother is my second mother, sue my mom's immigrant ass if this upsets you).

My godson was apparently on television, cute right? My uncle sent several snap shots of the little tyke waddling on our TV screen.

My uncle followed up the first email full of these photos with a second email explaining why they were captured on TV:

Este es el enlace que lleva a la noticia en donde salieron Alexander y Letty. La verdad es que la noticia en si se refiere a un tiroteo que sucedio en la maniana el mismo dia en que fuimos a ese parque por la noche. ugh!!!

Which roughly translates to: "Oh by the way, we were on the news because there was a murder/shootout at the park we went to that night as evidenced here."

Ladies and gentlemen....MY FOLKS!

btw if you care, I'm live twittering the DNC here

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