Monday, September 01, 2008

Batboy In A Man's Suit
Laborious Day

I was on my way home last night on the subway train when I noticed the person sitting in front of me was an extremely albino boy with deformed face.

I couldn't stare at him long out of fear of calling attention to myself, but I did note that he had a hairlip, a protruding brow, and pointy ears. In other words, he looked like the vampire monster faces you see the vampire's in the Buffy TV show turn into when they're mad.

He was dressed like any other grungy teenager you've ever seen like. After a while he got up and left with the other people.

First of all, I'm convinced I've seen a grown up bat boy, and that he now lives somewhere in Astoria.

Secondly, I sometimes feel like batboy, a freaky albino in man-clothes riding home on the train. Fighting off stares to my hairlip (I don't have one, its just a metaphorical one).

I'm an introvert with a social calendar, and there's a strong difference between a functional debonair social introvert such as yours truly, and an ineffectual meek thing like everyone who works in your IT department. I am at-ease in social situations, and they no longer freak me out, but that does not mean that I do not prefer the world in my head, its a real palace I can tell you that, full of wonder and treasure, and I feel sorry for the world that they can only see glimpses of this world.

Now if an introvert is really only somebody who prefers to be in his or her own head, then an extrovert is simply someone who thrives with others and in the external world; these people are sick and they need to be given some sort of medication to be made a little bit more internal.

And that's why I sometimes can see myself like the batboy on the N train, pretending to be something other than a bat. I admired him for that, and saw him off, probably away to kill a small dog or something.


David said...

Bless your tender heart.

Tuna Girl said...

Huh. I can actually relate to that. I can relate to something on Deviant? Scary.

Kevin said...

Thank you David. I out-emo Bob Dylan.

Tuna Girl, I'm betting every-man-woman relates to me on some level. Stay tuned!