Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Happy Rosha--sha---roshosho--Happy...
The Search For Jew Porn Begins

A cool jew (center)

The preceding blog entry was, of course, typed up while drunk.

Its safe to say that while I have become a more cheerful person in life, I'm not planning on changing my writing style here. In fact I'm very sick today and also very sober, so get ready for some bite.

Jewish people wonder why they're the most hated people on earth. "Why do they hate us all over the world, why can't we be left alone, yadda yadda..."

Well I'll tell you why Jewish people are so hated, and its common sense.

I want you, dear reader, to go look at your calendar right now. Go on, what does it say? The last day of September right? 2008...

Then why the hell are all of my Jewish friends wishing me a happy new year?

Could you imagine if I went around saying "Happy Wednesday" whenever it was Friday? I'd quickly become the most hated person in existence, and then we think its a great mystery why Jews are persecuted when they're going around yelling "Happy New Year" several months before it happens.

Its just...douchey I think.

Nevertheless, Jews are expanding their base now with the inclusion of a Heebster subcategory. A heebster is a cool Jew, this is quite frankly a very important distinction.

Mothers in New York always tell their offsprings "why don't you find yourself a nice Jew boy/girl?" I would like to find those two people having sex with each other, but unfortunately my search for Jew Porn has yielded little but this interview with a kosher porn star.

If you've seen or heard of Jew porn, then please let me know. It might have its own sub-category name, something like...




im'mature said...

"Too Hot in Tel Aviv" (2007)

It's quite literally not bad.


What? Is this reply a little too quick?

Kevin said...

Wow, ISRAELI porn!? That's like someone asking for black porn, and getting shown a cave-painting erotica found in African circa 1,000 BC.

I was thinking something more Heebster, but that was a good find nonetheless.

David said...

I don't know what you're talking about. I never wish goyim a happy new year at Rosh Hashana. They're not worthy enough to celebrate it anyway.

Kevin said...

I may be goyim, but my friends think I'm Jewier than you are.