Sunday, September 28, 2008

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Kevin Almost Joins the Church of Scientology

I realize that I have left this portion of cyberspace pretty empty for some time, and it is not without good reason.

I realized the secret to MY life, and what I mean by that is that most adventurers try to find "THE secret of life" assuming that it is one thing (and that one thing was proven to be 42 by the great Douglas Adams.

But what I discovered was that you and my genetic programming is so different....SO different, that perhaps the meaning of life is just AS different as the differences in our body.

And thus, I have found my meaning; my calling (notice the use of the semi-colon back there).

My meaning--after all these years of blogging--after all of this strenuous writing, and after all these years of bitterness, it is to spread cheer.

Yes!! Right! The calling of the most cynical man on earth (yours truly) is to spread cheer to other people, to brighten dead planets, to convince the sun to keep shining.

I am the the Top Man so to speak, and it feels good.


Too Hotty said...

Nice misuse of a semicolon.

Keep on keeping on. I like the new you.

Kevin said...

I was drunk sorry! I'm glad, i think everyone likes the new me.