Monday, September 08, 2008

Phasing Out MTV From Our Minds
Music Alternatives

I had been well aware with the fact that MTV had become passe in its coolness, like 2-d Disney cartoons with god-awful sidekicks.

But what I thought was simply a bum cultural knee ended up being a dead limb that needs immediate amputation according to last night's VMA travesty; a virtual sideshow of post-90's black urban stereotypes (the repeating montage of a dreadlocked shirtless black man has reached a lameness plateau...a lame-teau), meaningless and awkward prattle, reality show commercials no one cares about, and limitless pandering to the 13-year-old girl demographic (if it bleeds then it won't buy into the promise ring bullshit).

The VMAs were so bad that it almost made me hate Michael Phelps, and in turn, America itself.

Never fear, our society has corrected itself and found replacements for all aspects of MTV. Here we go:


I turn to social digg-like sites to find new music. is like twitter but with music, in other words its a useful version of twitter. Just search for music, "blip it" get props on it and listen to other people's picks. If you want something a bit more interactive and hip though, try Thesixtyone, a sweet MMO-style system of finding songs you like, promoting them, and getting exp points for songs that do well with others (nerd).

I would have placed muxtape here but its face down and raped by the RIAA.


Everyone is a celebrity now, didn't you get the whiny New York Times memo? Yes our generation supposedly is narcissistic and everyone is broadcasting their lives, but if that means that I never get to see another stupid rapper perform then come watch me pee on my webcam.

Black hip hop artists

Walk outside. I pass one sitting on the corner every day, always asking me for money.

I never give him any, because I keep it real.

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