Thursday, October 02, 2008

Analyzing The Vice Presidential Debates
Heart of 'Tardness

On my way home from the Vice Prez debate, I had an encounter with a young black man. He was with a girl, and he leaped forward at me drunkenly to taunt me, to show he was not afraid to his mate, but I knew the language he spoke...

Because the street is a jungle.

And as he gawked forward, he saw my eyes, he saw the crack house from my childhood across my house, he saw the gangsters in my life and my dead friends, he saw the wild. And so he pulled back, because he knew where'd I'd been.

There was a secret language communicated through stares, and now that I'm at home I'm wondering if maybe that's something that happens universally. Was Palin communicating morse code messages in her various winks to the crowd?

Duh yes! I think so, especially after how nice everyone at CNN seemed to be. "Oh Palin did well on foreign policy!!" Really?? She did well because she didn't answer any questions?

That would make sense, because just like the Upper-Crust see nothing in my eyes, so too would the non-alaskan intelligentsia see nothing in Palin's lazy eyes...

But we miss the jungle...the Russian-spotting jungle.

I personally think Biden went around it the wrong way. If I were Biden I would have physically assaulted Palin and then consumed her on stage.

Without utensils.

Women wouldn't have been insulted as predicted by pundits, only the mother's of mentally challenged children would be insulted, and eskimos! Fortunately we do not allow either group to vote.



im'mature said...

It shat me to tears that the mainstream presses cooed over how Palin didn't do as bad as we'd all expected.

That's like congratulating a retarded kid on drawing a circle well and then giving him a Death Star.

Kevin said...

If a man had said everything Palin had said in that debate, the press would have all derided him with a collective "Who is this bitch?"