Monday, October 27, 2008

A Credible Report Entry from Fallujah

I hate Israeli bloggers so much.

Its the only place you can blog in and get any sort of respect in; Israel.

If you blogged in Minnesota or in New York, or in London, no respect...but OH you're in some middle eastern shit hole and you can form sentences in front of a computer and all of a sudden you're Mother Teresa.

Newsflash friend-o, Mother T did no one any good, and nobody cares about Israel.

Here is a typical Israeli blogger entry alright? Are you ready? Ok here it goes:

Israeli Girl On Hill

Today, carpet bomb smoked my hut, my mother is dead. Life sucks. I dream of american freedom and what you call Bacon.

End Blog.

Eat me Israeli woman in drape. This freedom is too hot for you, like how Beyonce's ass is too hot for everyone in da club.


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