Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Obama Wins the Presidency with a Smile
The Man in a High Rental

Q: So Kevin, some have called you an icon, the next great American thinker. The world waits with waited breath for you to answer this question, what do you think of McCain and Obama's last debate?

KJ: When Obama smiled, kittens grow wings.

Every time McCain smiled, an alternate universe was created where Germany succeeded in winning WWII and crush the American forces, western North America was colonized by the Japanese and the Eastern coast was taken over by the Germans. American Jews and minorities were hunted down and killed in a tragic culture of de-evolution.

Q: So what you're saying is that McCain's smile created real life wormholes into worlds resembling the settings of classic sci-fi pulp novellas?

KJ: Yes, exactly.

Well, that's how my interview would go in an Alternate Universe.

On an unrelated note...did anyone catch that CNN voter tracker? It is simply hypnotizing isn't it? I wish it was hooked up to me so I could make sense of most of the things I say as I say them.

-see Reginald Denny



David said...

"waited" breath?

Oh, honey.

Kevin said...

comment fail.