Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Bail Me Out
America The Beautiful

Let me tell you something about the bail out. You know? The bailout that all of the news channels are debating on. The bailout for the car companies and for wall street and for this and for that...

All of the politicians and some of the pundits are convinced that we need a bailout asap, but let me tell you this first ok?

I had a BAIL--OUT recently. Let me tell you about my BAIL--OUT!

"Hey mom, this is your lovely son. Listen I'm in between jobs and paychecks and I need a cushion. You know I've never asked you for money but I need to borrow around $400 to make sure that I'm good to go for the time being."

Mom, being a lovely and selfless woman complies, "oh of course, anything you need!"

So I got MY bail out and guess what? That woman isn't seeing that money ever again! She knows it, I know it, but we go through the motions.

"Hey mom send me your account number so I can pay you back, send me the account via email though so I can have it handy." She doesn't do so, and I'm not sure that she will, because guess what happens with that bail out money...?

That's RIGHT! I would go out and get an X-box 360. Not only that, I would reserve the next X-box that hasn't even been announced yet, and I'd put down full price for THAT.

There's what happens to your bailout.

Oh I'm sorry, this is Citibank, listen....I'll get you back your money next week...yeah yeah I know I'm doing good! I love you too!

That's what happens to your bailout.

This is the point in history--children-- where capitalism failed. The greed of the private industry destroyed America, and this is when we became socialist...

But we're in denial of course. If America really is a teenager on the world stage, then this is the stage where America gets some whore drunk.

Holy shit!

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