Monday, November 10, 2008

California Love
Straight From An Angelino's Mouth

Californian blacks are the stupidest blacks in the world (not counting south africans).

And I don't mean that to be outrageous because, quite frankly, California is home to the dumbest species of races across the board.

People who were shocked by the Prop 8 bill that passed are people who have never been to California, which is not the bastion of liberalism that you think it is. I'm from Los Angeles and that city is hateful and confused. The car culture in Los Angeles encourages people to stick to their own kind. Californian blacks are too dense to realize that gay people regularly support their cause.

New York blacks know that gays like them, because they regularly HANG OUT with them. We are stuffed into the subway together so we know, but people in Los Angeles never spend time among people who do not think like them, and so they think gays are evil, and that Xenu is god, and that Tom Cruise is tall...

The prop 8 bill that passed there isn't as strong a defeat as the news makes it out to be, I saw it coming a long way. I mean...they voted in THE TERMINATOR to office, people there are seriously 2 degrees removed to the primordial ooze known as Alaskan civilization.



Anonymous said...

Don't be an ignorant offensive racist...

Kevin said...

Oh please, stop being an anonymous cretin!