Sunday, November 23, 2008

GQ Man
Phelps Is Like...Wow

Squarehippies has a nice round up of GQ's men of the year

Of note besides a dapper looking Obama is GQ's choice for Golden Boy of the year; Michael Phelps.

Yeah I know what you're going to say, "Kevin, you can't stop talking about Michael Phelps, I'm sick of you talking about Phelps. It's Phelps this Phelps that. If I hear you wonder about Phelp's penis length one more time I will throw you out of a window Kevin J."

Well just LOOK at him. I defy any red blooded American homosexual man to look at him and NOT get wildly turned on. If he does nothing for you then you must be some sort of closet breeder.

I'm sorry but.....I'm flustered.

I may attend a book signing of his next month and I would love to gather enough courage to ask him to autograph my ass so I can have that permanently tattooed onto my skin. On top of his autograph I would tattoo the same Olympic rings design that he has on his front right hip.

Oh christ what did I just type? Where's the delete button on this thing?


Anonymous said...

I begrudgingly admit that the faint tease of his tattoo drives me utterly insane with lust.

Anonymous said...

that was me, Chavis btw

Kevin said...

Admit it grudgingly!!

im'mature said...

How can anyone hate America with a posterboy like this?

David said...

You'd be surprised how many gay guys really don't find him attractive. Fortunately I'm not one of them, so we can still be friends. I would totally give him a tongue bath.

Kevin said...

You'd be surprised how many gay guys have no taste.

im'mature said...

No one's surprised by gay guys with no taste.