Saturday, November 29, 2008

IGN Outsources Its Writers
Why 'Zines Should Never Fire Their Editors When Times Are Tough

Below are excerpts from a feature at

"This Thanksgiving, IGN celebrates a collection of videogame turkeys -- games and consoles that should have flown (they had wings)..."

"...both in-house and third-party,were scrambling in the background trying to make heads and tails of the awkward hardware while dealing severely constricting budgets and schedules."


"Shenmue saga was supposed to rescue the Saturn and turn Ryo into a household name amongst gamers. Then it supposed to rescue the Dreamcast."


"But Shenmue is a classic example making sure your masterpiece is something that more than the converted will play."


"When the PlayStation 3 debuted with a bloated price tag and limited install base, the rabid fans began clinging to upcoming games as proof that the system would rock. One of those much hyped title was Lair"


"Fans were at first outraged, but the majority of folks found the inability to a dragon to turn in flight a deal breaker."


Is this even FUCKING English?



Anonymous said...

It's either Esperanto or IGN talks total ass.

Here's hoping you had a fabulous L-Trytophan high this past week.

I come here to remember to what is is for which I should be aspiring.

You roque, Deviant and I've heard that you also roll...

...big, fat spleefs.



im'mature said...

It's high-brow satire, Kevin. Sheesh.

PS - Leave my Halloween profile pic alone. I can look like a skank in public if I want. You're not the boss of me! *runs from room, slams own bedroom door*

Kevin said...

I'll have to write about my thanksgiving! I spent it with The Reality Show Reject. We taught an 8 year old kid to sing the classic christmas carol "We Wish You A Merry Queefmas"

You let that freak flag flap high boy.