Wednesday, November 26, 2008

LOL Wut?
Giving Thanks

...rather than seeing two people in love[,] see two dykes in dude[-]hairdos French kissing to show off their gayness to the world.- from AINTITCOOLNEWS' review of Milk

Really? Are we still on that? Are these the people who shout "Change" and "Obama!" on the street? Because if they're the ones who see only fags kissing on TV instead of love, then I want to ask them, "do you see only see a nigger in the white house?"

I think change is not just slogan, but it is the beast of society rearing up on all fours and violently shaking the tics off of its back.

California, Los Angeles, this is my hometown. The race riots of the 90's and the casual apartheid of that stinking hole were part of my upbringing, sure, but I've moved on and made myself a better person, but most of the people there are too lazy to do that.

I guess this is my formal apology to the United States (which, according to a renowned Russian Economist, will not exist in a few years time), but it also means I'm still proud of MY country, my tolerant enlightened country.

Because it isn't about black vs. white anymore. This fight now is between the reasonable and the unreasonable, and only one of these groups leads to a dead-end street.

I'm thankful this thanksgiving for having found reason.



im'mature said...

I feel like we're fighting a losing battle against the unreasonable, the irrational and the deranged. When's that second flood coming again?

Kevin said...

I totally agree with you, but it is hard to take you seriously with your icon. Teehee.