Thursday, November 13, 2008

Niggas Can't Walk
Stop Pretending You Changed

Ever since Obama became president elect I've noticed an interesting phenomena, and that is that most people in New York can't walk.

I swear, everyone is walking on two let heels now that we have a black president, and I'm not sure why! Someone might claim that this new walking pattern arises from new black confidence, but this isn't confidence, its confusion!

I think this walking pattern is an overjoyed walking when you jizz in your pants thinking of your new love accidentally, and you have to walk bow-legged to work. Yeah I think everyone's jizzed for Obama!

But its a menace to me! Its horrid! When I step out of my building I want to experience a civilized building, and not the savannah full of high pygmies!

Can we change that I hope? I hope Obama supporters could just eat the shit out of the handicapped. Kill 1,000 birds with 500 stones.



Anonymous said...

were you drunk when you wrote this one? - Matt C

kevin said...