Monday, November 17, 2008

Youtube Fails

I'm doing good so far now that racism has ended in the United States, you have no idea how long I was waiting for that to happen.

I am very upset however to learn that there is indeed a cap on the number of videos that you can list as your favorite on youtube.

What the hell is that? Ever since I found out that I can't add more than 600+ videos to my favorites page....well its over, I haven't gone back to youtube for long, and when I do I'm disgusted and I want to leave.

Part of the joy of Youtube for me was building up a list of insane videos, now I think I can build playlists but who wants to do that? Disgusting.

I haven't been this disgusted with the internet since my Geocities account kept losing my photos.

I was on youtube specifically because I wanted to share videos I found on there all created by someone who has to be a sociopath. His screen name is Ophios and...just take a look:

Jehova's Witness

The Bachelor Life

Shenay Oak Honor

And that's some of the lighter stuff on his channel. I've become a big fan of this meme-vid art, its all about gutting recognizable things to the point that they become meaningless. It also makes me laugh which tells me that there is some sociopathology within me.

And the videos make me laugh, what can I say? I'm a fan of nonsense confined within a monitor as opposed to nonsense that is texted to me on a Sunday morning as a for instance.

TheMousemIckey goes to hell


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