Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Closing A Chapter On American History
Notice That Everyone is Nicer In New York Today?

Blackie O!

I watched Obama become elected the President of the U.S.--the first black President--live on TV and New York erupted as it happened. The citizens of this city were gushing full of joy and relief. I went to the bathroom and I teared up at his speech, as people shuffled in behind me the only thing you could hear was the quiet sobbing of all the people who'd excuse themselves.

I cried tears of joy because it was the end of the lingering loose end in American history. That chapter on slavery always ended the same: "despite the persecution, african americans today hold many positions in power, and one of them invented peanut butter!

Well...go fuck yourself now George Washing Carver because that chapter now ends with a huge picture of Barack Obama in the white house, our first black president borne from slavery, persecution, and injustice.

Here is the final proof of hope in our country, and proof that humanity can overcome the darkest of pasts.

I hope Obama is a great president as his fans sometimes worry me (for instance, the guy doing pull ups on a rafter today yelling "OBAMA!" every chin up that he did), but at that instance and in this I felt something that I had only had an inkling of before; and that was Pride for America, and not the fake Pride like when your favorite baseball team wins.

I guess this means whites are allowed to use the N-word now. I love America!

In memory of Joe The Plumber
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