Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Kevin Is Better Than Hitler
Inspiration Perspiration

I watched the film Persepolis and I was inspired.

I was inspired to delete some people from my facebook friends list!

Listen, I know I didn't invent the lightbulb or anything, but its SOME sort of reaction other than burping after the end of a movie.

The movie's central character is an Iranian girl who learns about rebellion and dealing with people who screw her over. I figure this is the reason why I decided to burn some bridges, that and alcohol.

So my "friends" were exterminated in a fiery flash-animated swathe. I pressed the tiny hovering X's next to their names and they were gone from my friend feed forever...

Though I'll be honest with you, I didn't have the heart to remove everyone that I would have removed in my honest mind. It speaks to how fucking scary Hitler was.

Talk about deleting people from your friends list you don't want. Hitler just went in and got rid of EVERYONE he couldn't stand in real life, and I didn't even have the heart to virtually get rid of all the people in my struggle.

I've grown soft over the years, and I'd like to think that its due to the onset of wisdom.

Hitler was a jerk, and I don't think I am, this is good progress right? Though I think we can all agree that Hitler did accomplish one great thing: He did get rid of all the gypsies.



Tony said...

Being wise doesn't mean being "soft". It takes more guts to be able to forgive someone than it is to retaliate in anger. Self-control is always more difficult than losing control.

Although "deleting friends" in facebook isn't anywhere near "losing control" - certainly not comparable to Hitler. Hitler killed (or at least tried to kill)all the people he didn't like or went against him. It's difficult to be worse than that.

Kevin said...

Tony, can your crazy faggot ass continue to comment on everything I write? I will sacrifice a goat if it takes that much.