Monday, January 05, 2009

Kevin Becomes A White Person

I'm growing my hair out long because I like that feature in other people.

My friend Eric mentioned to me once that, "its funny how people--especially gays--start to become that which they like..."

This can only mean one thing for me, and that is that I am becoming a crazy white boy. This might be actually happening because I lose my delicious mocha tan the longer I live in New York.

I think I'm forgetting Spanish and I'm having a hard time digesting cheese--the backbone of a good spanish diet.

What am I becoming?

I'll probably get real goofy looking. Every time I tell someone I like Michael Phelps they look at me like I've just told them I like kissing kids with down syndrome, and so maybe I do! Who are you to judge? I've kissed deaf people, that isn't too far off.

I don't know that you become what you like, but I think you do move away from the shit you hate, which would explain why I no longer look like a chubby colombian drug lord like how I looked in high school.



David said...

Keep away from my Michael. I will cut you.

kevin said...

I'm glad you like him, but I'm also wary of you now!