Monday, January 19, 2009

Mormons Exposed
2009 Pervy Calendar!

Now forgive me if I can’t remember our enemies…but do we hate the Mormons or was it just the evangelicals?

Gays have so many enemies its hard to keep them all orderly (I believe the church of England sorta digs us). Having said that, check out the Mormons of Mormons Exposed posing shirtless for charities.

Mormonism to me is organized homosexuality, let’s just stop pretending it makes any sort of religious sense. You can hover your cursor over the boys to see them shirtless on their site, but I’d advise you against purchasing the thing because I can smell a trap!



David said...

Is this a 2009 calendar? I thought the Mormon guy who made it was excommunicated by the Mormons after he made the 2008 calendar.

Kevin said...

They have one for 2009 on their site. I'm not sure what the story is behind this since I'm not subscribed to their newsletter.