Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Pre-Post-Racial America Goes Postal
Referendum on Reverands

Today several godless heathens will amass in Washington DC to induct the Antichrist to the office of the Presidency.

Oh sorry, that's supposed to be what I'll change this entry to in about 2 years in case things go to shit and I'm in the mood to tell everyone "I told you so."

Like the rest of the world I'm looking to Obama with hope, not because he is young, not because he is our first black president, but because....well because he's so damn cool.

He's got the whole neo-geek chic thing going on that exudes huge thick penis status.

CNN doesn't care to investigate his suaveness or potential for large genitalia, so they predictably gravitate towards him being black, and to my horror they briefly televised a talk with Jesse Jackson and some other no-name blacks who sounded like reverends who were all adamantly agreeing with each other that the race problem was "far from over!"

...No you crooks, its all but over, and if it isn't completely over then we don't need the likes of you blackmailing people.

I don't trust politicians, but I'd marry a politician before ever thinking of trusting a reverend.



Too Hotty said...

A Dramatic Interpretation

Kevin said...

OMG i forgot how funny that is to me, hahaha.