Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Interactions At A 3 AM Coat Check Line.

Well here we are.

Fly G and I were standing in line to Hiro, one of those remnants of the stone age we know as the early 2000's, a big giant club full of dancing queers and a coat check line that spirals.

It was dreadful for me because I have since graduated to the quiet dignity of dive bars and strange apartments.

After we'd settled inside I found myself too sober to enjoy the crowd. Ages ago Fly G an I would have spent over $60 getting drunk but I'm saving up for a move to BK so spending that much money was out of the question.

The interesting bit happened when I had left Fly G dancing like a maniac so I could go home. I stood in the coat check line and found myself utterly bored with the Chelsea characters surrounding me. Most of them were young and emaciated, some were old and strange looking. The character behind me was a stoic young man who was trying his hardest to not make eye contact...

I was having none of this.

"Hey what's up? I'm Kevin" I said. I wasn't hitting on him, I just wanted to start a communique like normal people, namely people who aren't me--yeah so I'm emulating them, it is called trying to IMPROVE ONESELF.

His face relaxed (no doubt relief from staring off into the distance) and he told me his name and about the fact that he didn't really like Hiro and that people weren't friendly here and that his friends had disappeared and that's why he was going home.

And then he started to leak tears from his yes. I asked him if he was ok and he said that he was "fine but didn't want to talk about it."

Invariably all of my interactions end in tears, but this was really a record.

I learned that this particular nightlife isn't for me anymore. I'm probably too old and responsible for it. It was boring! I hadn't been sure that I was over it till that night.

Oh I also got a haircut today!



David said...

You can make grown twinks weep by your very presence? Your powers are beyond my comprehension.

Tony said...

Well, priorities change - that's the fact of getting older.

Kevin said...

I forgot about the twink crying, that was odd. Yeah my priorities right now lie in what sort of music i'll be uploading to my ipod.