Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Kevin's Little Sister
~ or ~
Little Los Angeles

Alright can I get back to the whole breaking arm thing.

Here's what drives me nuts about this ordeal, and what frustrates me about life in general...

Oh sorry, in case you don't know the recap; my little sister (AKA cousin Z) is coming to visit New York city. She told me she was bringing a friend, but it turns out this friend is her boyfriend. They've wronged each other, and one night she ended up with a mysterious broken hand. I found this out from my mother, and I told my little sister that she is the only one that could stay with me in NY and not him.

Let's just nevermind the wrongness of this Rhianna-like situation. Let's put aside the mass debate about whether or not an intervention is needed with a woman who is being abused in a relationship...

Nevermind that, you with me?

Ok, I'm WORRIED that she isn't developing right.

Having your arm broken by a boyfriend when you're 16 and hiding the fact that he did it from everyone is a totally 16 thing to do, but 18??? Really?

If you can't say what you mean after you're 18 then maybe there's something wrong--maybe you're regressing? Its possible! Did you see The Curious Case of Benjamin Button? Ok no one did, but still, he aged backwards! That's fucked up!

Still, I think I'm right in putting my foot down and not having them stay with me. The funny thing is I know what she's planning; I know because I was 18 and because we're blood. "I'm going to communicate in minimal details with kevin, then I'll tell him I'm at the airport, and then I'll have my bf with me and then he'll HAVE to let us stay with him."

It ran through her mind I can guarantee it...

And what is really freaking me out is that, for the first time, I'm dealing with my little sister as an adult.

I heard this was an episode of How I Met Your Mother

Fuck Neil Patrick Harris.



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OMG Thank you so much for cheering me up. I needed that.

Anonymous said...

I think you should let them both stay so you can really see what this guy is like.
Just my 2 cents.