Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Ting Tings Concert

I have too many things to recharge.

In my immediate vicinity I have an iHorn Touch, a cell-a-maphone, and a DS lite loaded up with the latest "legally purchased" software. I need a high tech home to house my high tech life.

I feel like I'm from the future and stuck in the year 1955 with a Delorean full of empty plutonium jars and no place to go.

It was my friend Eric's birthday this weekend so I caught the Ting Tings with him because he likes them. I enjoyed the show but they aren't my favorite band because I'm so cool that I listen to stuff you've never heard of before, like Primus.

People ask me why I went to see the Ting Tings when they aren't my fave band, well it was my friend's birthday, and it meant lots to him, and the Ting Tings aren't half bad! Listen, I like walking out with people who are ordering their lunch even though I brought my own.

Maybe I'm an extrovert? Nah, all my life I thought I was an introvert who just fakes it really well. If I spend a set amount of time with people I need to have a day or two alone to recharge....just like...my appliances.

Wow that's deep. I'm totally the Carrie Bradshaw of my stereotypically gay foursome.


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chad said...

err, weak!