Sunday, March 08, 2009

This Is What Happens During Daylight Savings Time
Shit In Your Litter Box

Fly G: im fucked
my toilet is so clogged
im going to have to take a shit in a bag
Sent at 12:37 AM on Sunday

me: omg what?
is it overflowing?
don't you have a plunger?

Fly G: no
it just wont flush
water just builds up
i had my landord over last week and now the problem is back
Sent at 12:43 AM on Sunday

me: omg that is whack
are you going to shit in a bag?

Fly G: i might
Sent at 12:45 AM on Sunday

me: Well where else are you going to shit?

Fly G: im really not sure the toilet does not work
im not comfortable
like i need to evacuate some poop
maybe ill shit in the litter box

me: That is brilliant
You should shit in the litter box
then treat it like cat poop
scoop it up
throw it away

Fly G: oh god

me: let the trash man handle it

Fly G: no , then my cat will think its not for him and he'll start shitting on the floor

me: or maybe your cat will start using the toilet now


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