Saturday, May 09, 2009

I'm Back And I Still Tolerate You
~ or ~
I'm Writing This Because Everyone Is Busy

So where was I?

Ah yes, I stopped blogging for a bit due to the usual reasons, let's see;

"Oh I got a life"

"Oh I got a life and it was kind of complicated."

"Oh I got a life that was kind of complicated and maybe not a good idea to blog about"

"Oh I got lazy"

Yeah that's the reason! (Or is it? You wouldn't know either way because you don't know me that well, you probably don't even remember my name [Katrina]).

Why people stop doing something isn't as interesting as why someone starts doing something; exhibit A the TV show Intervetion, notice how quickly the show ends at the actual intervention when the person STOPS doing drugs.

I want to start blogging again in response to the pap that passes off as thought these days. I'm not even talking about Perez Hilton whose blog is actually pretty good, I'm talking about your friend, or your friends friend--or to be more brutally honest--my friend's friend.

On my twitter feed I saw someone pine for another person publicly thus:

"I wish you were here to hold me....I'm talking about ______ (not you)"

Do you know when you were younger and they taught you that we were all equal? Reading someone post that shit to their twitter feed just irked me into action. We've all said some dumb things in our lives, but reading that on twitter just leads me to believe that there are humans walking around that view the worlds as dogs and simple primates do, probably in black and white with no peripheral vision, possibly with multiple tiny eyes as a fly does.

What the fuck kind of brain produces that? I felt that it was my duty to combat such nonsense as a proton would combat a neutron's presence! [citation needed]

So here we are!



justaguynatl said...

Oh, you were gone? :)

Kevin said...


im'mature said...

Social media is just giving voice to the lowest common denominators. I blame technology...bringing equality and shit...

As the Facebook and Twitter begin to jump the fail whale, I've started to see a trend towards blogs again. When all else fails, there's always the snobbishness of the LJ circles to run back to. :o)