Friday, May 15, 2009

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Civil Partnerships Sound Awfully Tacky

America is slowly warming up to the idea of gay weddings because we have started to realize-with embarrassment--that marriage is the gayest thing you can do next to anal.

It's the delayed reaction of the millennium to be sure, but you did the same thing when you spent a week trying to convince yourself that Star Wars Episode 1 was "decent," remember that?

What is a wedding? The food is cooked by gay chefs, and it's catered by twinks in black uniform in a room decorated by fey interior designers while the entire event was planned by everyone's favorite fag hag (depicted by J-Lo in The Wedding Planner) who marveled at the bride's gown that was designed by a queeroid who played with too many barbies at a dangerously young age. And of course the entire ceremony is held in front of a priest who preys on younger boys (allegedly!)

Who is afraid that gays corrupt marriage? We have the market cornered for the last 100 years.



David said...

A bit of a stretch, but I'll roll with it.

Kevin said...

You act as if I made sense once.

im'mature said...

Kudos on the Kathy Griffin reference; nice to see she's turning to paid blog advertorials to stay relevant these days. :o)