Thursday, October 29, 2009

Small Concerts in New York
This Is Probably Why I Like Video Games

My friends and I decided to see a concert on Monday in what quickly became the worst idea we've ever had.

"My feet hurt."
"Where's the band?"
"I can't believe the music they are playing while we wait. It's mariachi music that's then followed by a random rock song from the 90's."

We complained like people who are obviously not 21 anymore, that is until the lights went down.

We came to see La Roux but I was especially impressed with the trio of Brooklynites named Body Language.

Going to a small concert venue to listen to a band you've never heard is a very simple pleasure for me, and I don't mean that as a negative, rather the modesty in which the band creates music is almost always completely gratifying.

The listening of the music is every bit as important as the creating of it, and this isn't as clear to me as when the lights go down and the band starts playing and I groove with it. The reading of a book is as important as the writing of it, the painting is of equal value as the eyeballs ogling it and the brain processing it. Art is communication for awkward people.

In that spirit, this space is devoted to two other links of bands I'd seen live whom I knew nothing about previously.

Calvin Harris, and The Drums.

Coincidentally, this rarely works with movies. I mean, I have to read two other professional people's opinions in order to decide to see a movie, but I trust one or two friend's opinions to go see a show. I haven't figured out why that is...


Scottula said...

"the painting is of equal value as the eyeballs ogling it"

Maybe that's why I've never taken well to painting and visual art. I've always thought of it as "viewing the artists' work" when I should have thought of it as "ogling their goodies."

Kevin said...

One for the artist, one for the cute boy checking out the same painting. I thought everyone did this?