Sunday, November 08, 2009

Batman Can Breathe In Space Because He Comes Prepared

I got to thinking about the show Dexter today, wondering specifically why I liked it so much.

For a show about a serial killer who only kills other killers it's pretty non-gory. Don't get me wrong, there's blood and body parts, but it lacks the tastelessness of something like the Saw movies.

I like Dexter because the show is a subversive super hero fantasy. It's the logical conclusion of what Batman has to offer, no super powers, and all the villains are just psychopaths.

There aren't any costumes in Dexter (except for Dexter's all-plastic murder suit) and the only masks worn are social smiles.

Every super hero trope is there, the screwed up childhood, the moral code, the secret identities, the villain who is hero gone wrong, the seductress catwoman.

The drama is played out over lunches and not on rooftops, the seductress catwoman is just a co-dependant pyromaniac, and so forth

Superhero stories are considered modern day Greek God drama, and while Dexter and Batman stories follow the same themes they also make the point that there are no gods, and "super powers" are really the powers we have over others, and evil super powers are just trauma.

(Also The Dark Defender was the greatest Dexter episode!)


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