Tuesday, November 17, 2009

The Film Industry Is Dying
I'm Ready For My Closeup Mr. Demille

The best thing to happen to the music industry was the crushing of its industry. Artists are now being discovered on their merit via myspace and music blogs. We can download an album, share with friends, then go see the band live.

I found a good article about the movie industry that claims it is about to suffer a similar fate

One thing that is curiously not considered is the fact that we (as in this country) are all poor, and I'm going to stream The Watchmen Directors cut on my tv using my xbox rather than pony up the ridiculous cost of the 3 disc collectors cut that will only be superseded 2 months from now by the four disc definitive collection.

So, movie industry, it's not you, it's me (okay maybe it is you a little bit). I still care for you deeply Cinema, you were an early passion of mine, but you are now fat and living on welfare, so thanks, but go fuck yourself.


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