Wednesday, December 09, 2009

A Call From Mom
Baby Boomers

I was audibly angry at my mother when I finally picked up the phone.

"What is it?"

"Oh excuuse me for bothering you!" She answered in spanish.

She'd left a voice-mail message while I was watching a movie, called another time while I was out with friends, and then rang me now when I was relaxing

In situations like this, what occurs when I pick up the phone is an argument about the voicemails, when did I get the voicemail, how many she left, and why I didn't get back to her.

It's like a post-modern painting, oh this painting is ABOUT painting, just like this call is ABOUT the call.

"If I died, you wouldn't find out for days," she snarled.

"Oh I'd find out," I responded through a mouthful of grinding teeth, "Don't worry about that one mom! SOMEONE would tell me and I'd find out."

It was about a day or two after the New York State Senate struck down the gay marriage bill when I became angry at...them.

I thought it was the local senators I was angry at, but it wasn't just them. I thought it was maybe the cowardly Dems, or more obviously, the stupid Republicans; but it wasn't either. Then maybe I was angry at the religious right?

But no, it wasn't JUST them. I was angry at that generation, my mother, your mother, those MOTHERS.

I realized this while watching the State senators for gay marriage stand up and deliver poignant speeches about why they were supporting the bill. I only heard one Senator explain why he didn't support the bill in what was essentially a mumbling of "religion and bible said so."

After all those speeches the votes came in, and it was defeated by a majority of silent votes. Moments afterward people around the internet started to speculate, but these answers wrung hollow due to the simple fact that no one gave a convincing speech as to why they were voting against the bill.

It was cowardice.

And it wasn't just the marriage bill in NY, it was also the War that has raged on without question, and it was the cowering to the religious right. The baby boomers in America grew up with religion when their children grew up with the Internet. They were told about Sweden whereas we might have actually chatted with a Swede on AOL. There was no AIDS scare for me, but there was a terrorist scare, and even afterward we didn't fall in line like they did.

My mother still asked me to pray for people, even though I told her when I was around 15 that I didn't believe in God. What the hell was wrong with them?

I can't stand that they run things, but I also pity them. They don't deserve our anger, they deserve our patience.

"I'll see you this Christmas mom...yep...I love you too mom!" Because I do, but still. Wow.


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