Saturday, December 19, 2009

Los Angeles Sucks
Paying Off That Debt

I don't do vacations very well.

When I made the decision to plunge forth into the real world, I had with me a certain set of values that--on hindsight--might have been slightly skewed.

And for good reason. You might teach your child about morality and responsibility, but along the way some parents can't help but do a bit of indoctrination.

You see, I thought I owed my family an enormous debt. Call it classical catholic guilt (or jewish guilt, or any-religion-guilt). I felt that I needed to devote a large amount of holiday time with my family.

My mother had always complained that kids in the USA didn't value their parents, "they just don't spend enough time with their mothers, they run away from home and never come back."

Last year I made the foolish mistake of flying to Los Angeles to visit my folks for two weeks, some of those days were unpaid, and I did so because I felt guilty.

But I've learned since then to strip away the indoctrination from the responsibility. Tomorrow I leave for Los Angeles for ONE WEEK and no more!

The In-N-Out burger that will be waiting for me once I land will power me for 2 days, the next 2 days will be powered by multi-player wii games, the rest of the time will be powered by my Angelino friends...

The truth is that visiting my family is a responsibility and not a vacation, at least it has been for the last several years. I'm not sure what I can do to change that, but you'll be damned if I don't find ways to do just that.

My first step will be to get everyone to go see Avatar in 3D, which is something that I've been wanting to do here but hadn't found anyone interested.

I'm packed and I've come to terms with my arrival in Los Angeles, that stinking state from hell...the freeways and the junk in the air, the plastic tits and the dull nightlife...

It's where I'm from. Specifically, the building where I'm from is now condemned, and so is the whole damned state.

I didn't mean to sound so negative, because it is still a good place to visit, but so is Berlin.



WIlde American said...

You're creative. Make a damn good excuse. They'll believe it.

Don't buy that plane ticket unless you really want to. It's the next step in human evolution.

Kevin said...

Ahh I bit the bullet and went. I am weak!

Anonymous said...

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