Wednesday, January 13, 2010

100,000 Dead Haitians
It's Hard To Get Priorities Straight When Under A Cold

I'm pretty sick today, but this doesn't stop the flood of crazy in my world.

Today 100,000 or so Haitians died in an Earthquake. I didn't feel it naturally and I don't know any Haitians, though I understand how shocking that number is to a great many of people.

My twitter feed was bombarded with a number to text a $10 donation to Haitian relief (found here, and almost simultaneously...

Almost simultaneously someone else was bullying me into giving $1 for cancer on a facebook group.

Bullying people into donations, what is that about? That's despicable. You take something good and sprinkle it with horrible. It's like being a monogamous rapist, or a cake baker/poisoner.

Yesterday I found out someone I know was laid off of work, and today I found out that Dexter has cancer.

It's a sad time, and so forgive me, world, if I'm not at %100 to deal with it all because I am sick.

Granted, the biggest issue is 100,000 dead Haitians. There is nothing rational to say about that other than sending relief money (I don't do...prayers).

Other than maybe one thing. How futile is it to think about starting wars when we live in a world where 100,000 people can die from natural disasters? That death count is something I can't even imagine, and if someone tells you that they can even begin to understand it then they are lying to you.

Oh and I forgot about the Conan thing. Damned horrible situation if you ask me.


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