Thursday, January 21, 2010


I was on when this topic came up: "Is anyone really offended when I say 'fag' while playing video games."

The answers were astounding and awesome, giving me hope for the future. The answer was "yes it is offensive" or "no it isn't offensive to me personally, but you sound retarded when you say it..."

And it reminds me of the word niggardly, which is now out of vogue, but which has a meaning different from nigger...but who else besides the biggest tools still say 'niggardly?"

Language is fascinatng because it reveals so much about us.

Who are fags? America considers homosexual men 'fags,' men who have taken great pains of insight to determine that they were meant to love other men.

What isn't faggy? Sports. Wars. Killing.

And the boy in Nebraska who questions his sexuality and critially thinks he might want to love men for the rest of his life is a "fag," but what isn't a fag is the Mother who would send all of her sons to die in a war.

The fag is the fey interior designer who invades a house in order to spruce it up, make it more beautiful, what isn't a fag is father who beats his wife.

A fag is a man in a loving relationship with another man, a fag isn't an ignorant redneck that kills a doctor that performs abortions.

A popular slur is a denial on a national stage. Gay people aren't fags, America is. America is fey, unsure, faggy, weak, subordinate, embarrassing, afraid, meek.
Think about it. When slavery was in vogue, black people were called niggers, monkeys, primates...who were we talking about again?



Anonymous said...

Don't stop posting such stories. I love to read stories like that. By the way add some pics :)

Kevin said...

Why thanks!