Monday, January 04, 2010

Don't Even Get Me Started On The Boy In The Wheelchair Scene

I started watching Milk tonight with trepidation.

The film sat on my shelf from Netflix for about 2 weeks now, part of that was due to my visiting family and how wrapped up I was with them, and part of that was an internal conflict.

I feel like watching Milk is required for me. "My family gave me Milk for DVD," my friend Fly G told me, "should I be offended?"

"Why would you be offended?" I asked.

"Everyone got DVDs...and I got Milk. My mother's boyfriend gave it to me..."
"Did you like it?" I asked curiously glancing at my copy.

Then he started going on about black guys and dildos, at any rate, I wasn't looking forward to my screening of Milk because I felt like I was required to watch it, required to reflect on how amazing it was, and required to then write about it as a bit of a gay activist myself ((cough)).

And I was liking it for the first hour or so. I don't think Sean Penn's performance was as good as people claimed as I feel he went full gay just like he went full retard. The supporting cast was pretty damn great though, and the story was a real underdog drama and who doesn't like that?

Then they introduced Diego Luna's character, and something felt off. All of a sudden I wasn't watching a movie FOR me, I was watching a movie talking AT me, like if one of my synapses snapped.

The only people I'd seen on screen were white, fair enough I can dig it, and then I saw this latin character who was hysterical and immature, dismissed repeatedly as someone stupid.

Films can't be racists, people can be racists but not films, films are either boring or entertaining, and this short changing of an ethnic dude struck me as pretty boring.

And then I noticed that the rest of the cast (particularly in the vignettes) were white dudes who looked like gogo boys...

It was like the film had stopped engaging me with a conversation and went off on a black boys and dildos tangent like my friend Fly G usually does. In other words, I probably felt like how an indian american would feel when he saw Dances with Wolves, or how an alien would feel while watching Avatar...


I hate a good story ruined by single-mindedness and a closed in view of the world, and if this is the best gay cinema has to offer then consider me bored.

...and just in case you're wondering, which I know you were...

Milk Edition

I'd F Emile Hirsch, Marry Joseph Cross, and kill Sean Penn as Harvey inappropriate as that sounds.


Frank Giugliano said...

I can't make myself watch Milk. I want to but I just can't do it. This feeling is overwhelming. But the overwhelming feeling is of the chance of boredom. I'll watch it one day though. I did love Dante's Cove btw which is totally not boring.


Kevin said...

I will maybe watch Dante's COve. That's the one where all the meatheads do each other right?